Skin is the largest organ of the human body.  It is also the most visible.  It is where we first look. Our inspiration comes from looking at the skin of the women of today. And it was by looking through their skin that we created WIN EMPOWERMENT LABORATORIES.

WIN laboratories is completely dedicated to creating powerful formulas with natural energizing components for you, the women of today. 

It gained inspiration from the idea of giving power to women and was created to enhance and care for your skin through exclusive sensorial and aromatic experiences that will provide you with true moments of comfort and well-being. 

The aim is to help you overcome your current challenges, offering Confidence, Comfort, Bloom, Pure Rest or any other necessary power so that you feel, naturally, at your best. 

WIN offers all women the power to feel well in their own skin. 


All WIN products are created from nutritional ingredients that combine natural and biotechnological components that provide energy to the skin.

WIN believes that purity is important. 
Thus, in the development of our products we have strived to use the most natural, pure, powerful and effective ingredients possible. 

All of the precious plant extracts, repairing essential oils and marine elements that are profoundly nutritious are ethically extracted from their source of origin and all of the raw materials come from sustainable sources. 

WIN is against animal testing. 


NATURALLY POWERFUL INGREDIENTS. By combining the power of nature with the power of science, comes natural cosmetics with incredibly powerful results. 

The combination of rich natural active ingredients, of mineral and vegetable origin, with molecular ingredients leads to truly effective formulas with proven results taken from volunteer and in vitro testing. And because all women should be respected, harmful substances such as parabens, mineral oils or silicone are out of the question. 

The combination of these powerful ingredients with different sensations, aromas and textures, offer immediate, effective and long-lasting results for skin care. 

Quality, tolerance and efficacy are insured through rigour and research experience and development in the dermocosmetic field.  


The values that guide our conduct, draw our path and bind us as a team are key to the route we want to follow and to our success.

ETHICS - Ethics is our guideline. We operate with transparency and integrity towards our customers, both internal and external.

EXCELLENCE - Our unique commitment to excellence leads us to research, develop and design cosmetic products with the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

SHIFT - In a global economy the answer to market demands lies in innovation as an adaptive capacity to change and, consequently, to the new and growing needs of our customers.

PEOPLE - The cornerstone of all values. What we are as an organization is determine by this living factor. With them we build relationships, engage, develop, we are whole.


NATURAL PRODUCTS - WIN believes that purity is important.
As such, in the development of our products we endeavor to use ingredients as natural, pure, powerful and effective as possible.
All precious plant extracts, repairing essential oils and deeply nutritive marine elements are ethically extracted. Similarly, all raw materials come from sustainable sources.

TESTS ON ANIMALS - WIN is against animal testing.
Our products are not tested on animals, nor have they ever been. Additionally the raw materials and packaging that we use do not contribute to the devastation and imbalance of any habitat or ecosystem.

PACKAGING - WIN packaging products are recyclable.
Our product containers are, when feasible, manufactured with recyclable glass. Our plastic packaging can also be recycled, resulting in lower grade plastics. All orders are shipped using biodegradable cardboard and chips, which significantly reduce bubble wrap use.